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Welcome Prime!

Lachlan82, Mar 8, 12 7:56 AM.
Just wanted to take the time to welcome the new folks we have coming over from the guild Prime. Hope you guys enjoy the guild and we all look forward to meeting you in game!

Guild Event: Warzone - Every Wednesday 9pm EST to midnight.

Lachlan82, Feb 3, 12 10:31 PM.
Join us for a night of PVP! Event is opened to the public so bring your friends.

Guild Event: Flashpoint Fridays! Every Friday 9PM EST until midnight.

Lachlan82, Dec 27, 11 11:56 PM.
See forums or an officer for more details.

Welcome: We are Not The Droids (you're looking for) but we may be just the guild you're looking for! We were founded on 12/26/11 by a group of 4 real life friends. We are located on the Corellian Run server and fight for the Empire.

If you are:

  • Mature, but light hearted and silly
  • Currently working on low and mid level progression
  • At home in a very social guild who talks about both real life and in game content
  • Wanting to make lasting friendships
  • Looking for guild that treats its members like a family
  • Respectful and able to coexist with a diverse group of people
  • Interested in group quests, random contests, active forums, in game events, and being goofy
  • Not in a hurry to get to endgame, but still have a mild interest in it
  • Wanting a guild that will only raid ONE night a week
  • Looking for a fun guild with good people

Then you should probably apply here Or find an officer in game who can interview you! (Current officers: Lachlan, Ath'bel, Sedrix, Jergana)

The purpose of our guild is to establish friendships and have fun casually exploring the game. Our main focus at this time is on performing group quests and flash points. We do aspire for progression and eventual raid content however we are not going to rush to get there. Even once we do reach endgame we plan to only raid ONE night a week. So if you are looking for a very active raiding guild, you should probably look elsewhere. We do plan to progress, but we're not the guild for you if you want to raid 3 or 4 nights a week. We've all done that in other games, and frankly, burnt out too quickly. At the rate we're progressing we will probably not even reach raid ready until spring 2012.

Our founding members are located near Cleveland, Ohio and therefore, on East Coast Time (EST). The majority of our founding members work through the week and are more active on Saturday and Sunday, or evenings through the week. Our founders are also old (not necessarily mature though ;)). If you're curious about our founding members head over to this thread to see our Officer Introductions

Ideas for events include group quests, flashpoints, huttball, possible light to moderate rp events, in game and forum contests for both in game and real life prizes (possible time cards, and other tor related goodies), and yes, as mentioned, eventual raid events also.

If you join the forums, you can shoot an officer a PM on the forums with your in game name OR fill out a membership application to be granted full forum access. Thank you for stopping by, and may the force be with you!

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